I stood on my window ….and life changed

Ever heard that song “Mere saamne wali khidki main ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai” .Well, I did not find a tukda but a full moon of my life in my saamne wali khidki. Also, let me tell you a fact that our buildings were approx 300 metre opposite to each other. Our friends till date are surprised to how is this even possible? But mind you we have witnesses to our story so its true.

It was a day of boredom as college vacations were on and nothing much to do. My sisters and I were chilling while playing music. Something caught my sisters attention, and she called us out. We saw a guy in red tracks and black T-shirt grooving on some music which were matching the music being played in our room. At first, I could not see him as there are three wings in front of us of that building, when I saw him I happen to go right out at the window… Point at him and do the same steps while showing my sisters…Oh Yes! His steps are matching are music and another amazing thing my sister realized that I am matching with him. Even I was wearing red shorts and black T-shirt… We were rejoicing & laughing with our discovery when we got a SHOCK of our life…The guy saw us too and waved at us… OMG He saw only me and thought that I was enacting him and teasing him. We kind of got scared and rushed to our living room to end the matter. Day ended with an adventure.

Next day, first thing I saw if he was there but did not see him. Few hours later when I came on the window… What do I see? He is sitting there and as I came he waved at me… surprisingly, we were again matching with orange T-shirt and beige pants. This was getting too much, and we just could not ignore each other going forward. Our lives starting revolving around the window and it surprised us, how we started to understand each other without even speaking to each other. We communicated in sign language with each other, and it has been the most beautiful days of my life.

Few months passed by in a similar fashion and it was getting difficult for me to continue communicating this way as neighbors and parents had started realizing that I am doing something on the window. I asked for his number, but he kept avoiding it. One fine day he agreed, we exchanged numbers via actions and it was hilarious. It took a lot of trials till we got it right. I did not wait for a second and immediately dialed his number. He did not answer my call at first, but I was adamant. I called again later and finally he spoke… Not a Hello but “You don’t know to do actions properly or what… Your 6 and 0 look the same. I was like Excuse me, just because you did not get it that does not mean I showed it wrong. It surely did not felt as if we were speaking to each other for the first time and this was just the beginning.

I knew I found a friend that I have been looking for since long. Remaining story I will continue in the next blog. Till then why don’t you revisit your story which is very close to your heart? I would love to hear it as well. Do not hesitate to share it in Myspace or poojari349@gmail.com

Published by Nisha Poojari

Hi, my name is Nisha Poojari. I am a very simple and introvert girl. I am very observant of very thing and situation.I always had a liking to write but never tried anything professionally as i knew my grammar- A big failure :-( But then i decided lets just start talking, I dint need to be perfect. A simple blog where we can share thoughts with each other and in the course i learn to master the skill. I would love to hear from you..... So lets get started and really Thank You for giving your time to me :-)

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