When life knocks you down, what do you do?

Hey there, hope you guys are well. I am really glad and thankful that few people actually missed my blog and asked me to write another one. Thank you for the support and finally back to pouring my heart out. Today, let’s catch up on what do you do when life knocks you down. How do you face it or overcome it?

I had a difficult childhood, teenage was filled with mistakes and it’s consequences, adulthood was filled with its own struggles but it was better then the rest as I had the love of my life standing strong with me. Well, it does not end here, midlife crisis is something that no-one can escape. You see how much has life knocked me down but I bounced back again. I was never given choice but to be strong. A lot of strength came from my parents, sisters and hubby but there are times when they became my weaknesses as well.

All I could ever do was face it and deal with it. Face it strongly even if I am hell weak internally. I won’t say that I sailed through, because I have drowned a lot of times terribly. Every time I have survived and it just made me stronger. There are days when you feel like giving up but then there are enough reasons around me to keep me fighting and surviving. Let me share few things I usually do when life knocks me down:

1.One thing at a time- You might be a great multi-tasker but during tough times take one thing at a time.When life knocks you down you might end up making more mistakes so i prefer to deal with one thing at a time with full energy and concentration.

2. Take a break- If you are in a mess, how much ever you try your thinking capabilities are at a standstill. So take that little break just to clear your head. Trust me it is important and it is doable.

3. Listen to Music- Music just works wonders to get you sorted in life.

4. Talk to someone- Talk to someone you trust because you want to avoid taking stupid decision which will further add up to your problem. Not every time you might get a solution but it will make you feel lighter and yes, very important you will get a different perspective to your issue.

These are some things that I do when I am down. How about you? How do you deal with the punches of life? I would love to hear from you and you never know it might just make you feel better and lighter. Let me know about your experiences in MySpace or poojari349@gmail.com

Published by Nisha Poojari

Hi, my name is Nisha Poojari. I am a very simple and introvert girl. I am very observant of very thing and situation.I always had a liking to write but never tried anything professionally as i knew my grammar- A big failure :-( But then i decided lets just start talking, I dint need to be perfect. A simple blog where we can share thoughts with each other and in the course i learn to master the skill. I would love to hear from you..... So lets get started and really Thank You for giving your time to me :-)

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