Can you really not do it?

We often end up saying that I cannot do this either you don’t have time or you just keep forgetting.We all have our own struggles and challenges which are not the same for everyone. In this challenging times, the level of our struggles have gone really high. This being the main reason we ignore the little things in life.

Little things which can help you heal like giving yourself a break from work or meditate. Little things which can mean a lot to someone like talking to family or giving that one call to a friend. Little things which can help you grow like learning. Little thing which is a necessity like eating food peacefully or in some cases even eating food.

I am sure you have your reasons and I respect that but do answer yourself can you really not to do it? Remember one thing, only you are responsible for the choices you make in life because it is YOUR LIFE so make a wise choice.

Try to do at least one thing for yourself. Let me know how did it make you feel and how difficult was it to do it in MySpace or drop me a mail on like always I would love to hear you.

Thank You so much for your time and love.

Published by Nisha Poojari

Hi, my name is Nisha Poojari. I am a very simple and introvert girl. I am very observant of very thing and situation.I always had a liking to write but never tried anything professionally as i knew my grammar- A big failure :-( But then i decided lets just start talking, I dint need to be perfect. A simple blog where we can share thoughts with each other and in the course i learn to master the skill. I would love to hear from you..... So lets get started and really Thank You for giving your time to me :-)

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