Why can’t men cry?

Mard ko dard nahi hota (Men don’t get hurt) is the most unrealistic dialogue ever said. I have heard this dialogue in one way or the other and I really don’t agree to it.

Once when my son was crying someone said “Men don’t cry” and I just had one word WHY? Why can’t men cry if they feel hurt? We are all humans and every body has a right to feel their emotions. Crying helps you ease your mind. It can help you getting relieved from a pain.It is as simple as detoxifying your body from pain, anguish and sadness. Why would men be kept away from such a beautiful and important emotion in the name of being strong.

To all the men out there, please express yourself and let that pain go away from your body. At the end of the day, we all have to be strong but don’t stop yourself from being human. It is your right to feel every emotion.

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Published by Nisha Poojari

Hi, my name is Nisha Poojari. I am a very simple and introvert girl. I am very observant of very thing and situation.I always had a liking to write but never tried anything professionally as i knew my grammar- A big failure :-( But then i decided lets just start talking, I dint need to be perfect. A simple blog where we can share thoughts with each other and in the course i learn to master the skill. I would love to hear from you..... So lets get started and really Thank You for giving your time to me :-)

2 thoughts on “Why can’t men cry?

  1. Wow so nicely written Nisha. Sometimes few Men also express their pain with anger. It’s important to understand that he is in pain and needs help. Anyway very well written will love to see more work from you.

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    1. Hey Dinesh,
      Thank you so much. Agreed and I believe because they are not allowed to express their pain, it comes out in the form of anger.I really feel men need more emotional support as its unsaid and needs to be felt.


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