What’s your mood today?

Hey there!!!!

How are you feeling today? You may think why am I asking because it’s MySpace (wink) Also, why not.

Let me tell you about myself, I got up with a migraine (mahn the most horrible thing in the world) and this led me to be in a confused mood today. I was confused about everything today from what to eat or what to do? All I wanted to do was sit ideal and think think think and think…… Think about what you may ask… Frankly, the answer is nothing. Imagine I was in this confused mood today.

Tell me have you had any such days.It can be happy, sad or confused like me. Tell me about your mood…. Tell me how you feel today and also share how you coped with it.

Like I wrote my firstever blog being confused(lol) so it will have grammar errors and it will be amateur but I shall learn eventually but right now feel free to express yourself here because this is MySpace.

Published by Nisha Poojari

Hi, my name is Nisha Poojari. I am a very simple and introvert girl. I am very observant of very thing and situation.I always had a liking to write but never tried anything professionally as i knew my grammar- A big failure :-( But then i decided lets just start talking, I dint need to be perfect. A simple blog where we can share thoughts with each other and in the course i learn to master the skill. I would love to hear from you..... So lets get started and really Thank You for giving your time to me :-)

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